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Some scholars describe it as the find of the century and deem it to be even more important than the dead seas scrolls.For this reason there has been a whole barrage of attempts at decoding them.One wonders perhaps if these forgeries were commissioned by the powers that be to publicise news releases that are well supported by scholars, running a campaign that ALL the metal books are forgeries when only a few have been identified.David Elkington has said the copper books need to be watched acrefully, some might be reproduced by the Bedouin truck driver who had his hands on originals and some might be completely fabricated.I have displayed only one copper version below for one very important reason...it appears to be a duplicate of an original that is very important.The Bedouine truck driver in the media coverage from the Daily Mail was involved with holding some of the artifacts.

As with any find of this calibre, the dissemination of false information and false claims is par of the course.

In a nutshell, the truth emerging so far will not only elevate the reality of a Universal Creator to a higher and more pure human uplifting outcome, it stands a chance of uniting all traditions in every nation who actually share different pieces of this encoded puzzle.

This possibility seems to be something our world super power elite would not find in their best interests at all as it will begin to work against their tactics, supporting their insatiable craving for ever bigger profiteering from chaos, religious differences and war.

According to the Department of Antiquities (Do A), first stage of aging tests to determine the authenticity of lead-sealed metal books billed as the greatest find in biblical archaeology since the Dead Sea scrolls have been encouraging. Images referencing David Elkington, Rex Features, David O Neill, The Telegraph, Ilan Shibli, Hassan Saeda, Ahmed Suli and Mahomet Hamdi.

We really believe that we have evidence from this analysis to prove that these materials are authentic, Do A Director Ziad Saad told The Jordan Times. According to this news link additional scientific tests are still being carried out at the University of New Mexico, the Getty Conservation Institute and Sheffield University. Getting any images at all has been a nightmare and knowing if they are the legitimate ones or not.

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Here is a link to the history of the Hasmonean Hebrews and their area of origin and reverance seen on their coins of the Menorah. I believe the message encrypted in the tablets will without doubt challenge the very foundations of traditional religion.